DAY 0 – Meetings in the night

Posted: 15 May 2013 in Albert e Rudolf, All Thing Zombie, Batrep, Campagne di gioco, English
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Extract from Albert’s diary

Leggi in Italiano / Read in Italian

“The year could not have started in the worst way. I’m serious.

For a change, this time it was my duty to stream the New Year Eve party on the radio . I think it’s the third year in a row that I was  forced to spend the evening driving up to Ennis to broadcast  a boring party where people play bad music . In this cases, I think I hate my job a little. Luckily Linda had the night shift at the clinic and at least I was spared the complaints about the dinners that go awry because of “that stupid radio.”

I was returning from Ennis when I realized that things were starting to fall apart. Along the way the headlight lit the scene of a car accident. Two cars were blocking the road, overturned and smoking. A third car was parked a few feet away with a man leaning against the open door. I stopped, there was no means of rescue and I asked the man if he had already called the police. < No > He answered  while closing the car door < you cannot get the line with the phone. Get the jack, we have to move one of these two cars! >. “

Albert and Rudolf approach the SUV, with the intention of being able to move it to clear the road. Just pass the vehicle they see someone moving in the night.

We found the two fools who have combined this mess! > Albert exclaims sarcastically.

It seems so, but there is something strange … > Rudolf answers while the two injured approach with a strange, quick, slowliness.

Zed or not zed

After a while Rudolf and Albert see the serious injuries that cover the bodies of two strangers. No one could move after losing all the blood that covers the clothes of the two. Suddenly the wounded start their attack, moaning and biting the air with violence. Albert and Rudolf prepare to counter the assault, the jacks tightly in their hands.

They look like Zombies! > Albert cries < These two are living deads! > The shrill voice comes out of his mouth while he flee away from his attacker directly into the countryside.

Rudolf manages to keep a cool head and delivers a sharp blow on the head of his attacker. The jack opens up a big hole in the forehead of the man who falls to the ground finally killed.

Zombie killer!

Rudolf, after the adrenaline rush, finds himself facing the assailant remained. This time, however, fear takes over and after a brief clash he runs away followed by Albert.

He is following us! > blurts Albert < and I think there’s another one out there >

<He is slow enough to let us flee away > Rudolf answer < Let’s go to that clump of trees, fast!>


Albert and Rudolf find shelter among the trees and bushes.

<Looks like one of those movies on the TV! > whispers Albert < Look! They  continue to move towards us … it’s like if they are able to see us in this darkness >

I think they feel where we are, or smell it … I really don’t know! Just don’t know what the hell are those things > Rudolf keep silent for a while as he tries to calm down < there’s a restaurant over there, if we can get there we can call the police! >


Albert and Rudolf move to the restaurant, dimly lit in the night otherwise black as coal. Behind them the two Zombies continue their hunting, driven by their hunger for human flesh …


Once in front of the building Rudolf and Albert find the door bolted from the inside.

These went on vacation and sealed the shop! > Shout Rudolf.

Let’s try to open it using the jacks! Hurry up! > The words of Albert trembling with tension while fumbling with the closed door. The two try several times to force the opening, but the door remains firmly locked in place. Meanwhile, from the darkness behind them, the sound of moaning and dragged footsteps is getting closer.

This door is too  strong > surrenders Rudolf.

Let’s try to enter from the back before there are on us! > solves Albert while moving to the building’s coner.


On the back they find another entrance and this time the door gives way under their blows. Albert and Rudolf enter the kitchen of the restaurant and while Rudolf blocks the entrance behind them Albert rummages through the tables and finds a heavy cleaver. < This can come in handy > rejoices Albert while the two Zombies begin to beat their fists against the closed door.

Albert and Rudolf decide to go upstairs while new creatures get closer to the windows of the restaurant.

There are others! > exclaimed Rudolf < from bad to worse! >

The two go up the stairs while the back door gives way and the windows shatter under the fierce blows of the newcomers. The interior of the restaurant is going to be invaded.


Searching in the dark rooms Rudolf and Albert find a second exit that falls from the first floor directly on the side of the building.

go down in a hurry > suggests Rudolf < we have to get out of here or we’ll be in trouble! Those monsters are more and more, and they are too close for my liking >


Arrived at the end of the ladder Albert and Rudolf hear their pursuers behind them, a few steps away.

We need to try to stop them > the words of Albert are halfway between a question and resigned determination.

From this door they  can’t exit all together> answers Rudolf < we have to try to keep them inside facing them a few at a time … like at Thermopylae! >

Yeah, right > Albert agrees < but those at Thermopylae didn’t return home!>

So we’ll have to do better > cut short Rudolf raising the jack, ready to strike.

The first two Zombies emerge from the door awkwardly, jostling with one another to slip into the hole left open by Albert and Rudolf. The two manage to hold their nerve and  strike hard on attackers, killing both.


While Albert and Rudolf are removing their weapons from the bodies of the deads, two other Zombies spill out the door, the hands clawing the air.

Fuck! This is really too much! > Rudolf screams when the corpse of the cheerleader in front of him grabs his arm. The panic gets the better, Rudolf wriggles and moves away from the view of the girl.

Albert instead finds the strength to facing his assailant, a young student with an eye-catching hole in the belly. With the cleaver  in his right hand Albert hits the target and kill his second Zombie.


Suddenly an explosion shakes the building. Hit by the uncoordinated movement of the Zombies, a gas cylinder explodes and ignites the building, burning down the Zombies left inside but attracting many others for the loud noise.


Taking advantage of the darkness the two manage to walk away, leaving behind the monstrous pursuers. After a long run the two stop breathless.

Hey.. > Rudolf says retaking his breath.

What? > Albert replied breathlessly.

I have not appointed> Rudolf says, holding out his hand < my name is Rudolf Rude, I am a debt recovery agent >

I would say it was a pleasure to meet you > Albert replies < but if this is a bad  evening I don’t think it’s your fault > Albert shaking hands with Rudolf < Anyway my name is Albert and  I am happy to met you >

Go to the next encounter – Day 1.1



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