DAY 1.1 – “On air” alarm

Posted: 17 May 2013 in Albert e Rudolf, All Thing Zombie, Batrep, Campagne di gioco, English
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After escaping from the Zombies who had gathered around the restaurant outside the city, Albert and Rudolf reach the outskirts, where Albert’s Radio Station is placed.

<Let’s go to my Radio Station… If I get there I can warn the city about the Zombie threat, and tell Linda to rush home> Albert said a couple of hours before <I have to keep her safe>

<Do not worry, you’ll be together soon> Rudolf has reassured him, hoping not to be too optimistic.


The city seems to sleep quietly while the sun is rising over the horizon.

<If you want to protect your girlfriend> whispers Rudolf <we need something better than a jack and a cleaver>

<Follow me, I know where to go> says Albert smiling.


Albert and Rudolf run to the armory decided to increase their firepower, but a few meters from the front door Rudolf slips to the floor with a thud and after having raised reaches Albert limping.

Suddenly the two heard something behind them … turn around, but fortunately there is nothing, except their fear…


On their second attempt Albert and Rudolf are able to force the door and enter the armory. Once inside they see, through the bulletproof windows, a group of Zombies approaching the shop.

<Rudolf, look around for something usefull!> exclaims Albert while starting to barricade the door.

<I have found a submachine gun!> exults Rudolf < find something for yourself while I finish the blocking of the entrance>


<I think we’re ready to go> says Albert, who is loading his brand new shotgun.

<I agree> responds Rudolf <this door won’t give way so easily>


The rear of the building is clear, no Zombies in sight. Albert starts running to the radio station, rudolf follows him limping.

Zombies on the other side start to hit the closed door, unaware of the escape of their prays.


Albert reaches the radio studio, he adjusts switches, controls and connections untile the “on air” light went on.

“Attention please!  Pay Attention! …This is not a joke… Listen to me carefully”


<Uff… We did it!> exults Albert <I just hope Linda is safe at home…> Albert’s eyes become sad for a while.

<So far we have seen  only 3 Zombies here in the city…> responds Rudolf <Maybe they aren’t so much numerous here nearby… Let’s go your Home quickly! Now we are able to manage the situation, but we don’t know what could happen.>

While Albert and Rudolf argue about the best route to follow, from the house in front of the radio station comes out a hooded guy clutching a hunting rifle.

The guy moves forward, loading bullets in his rifle… Which will be his intentions?


Go to next encounter – Day 1.2


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