Day 1.2 – Drop your weapons!

Posted: 21 May 2013 in Albert e Rudolf, All Thing Zombie, Batrep, Campagne di gioco, English
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The door suddenly opens and the hooded figure swoops into the building. Taken by surprise Albert and Rudolf raise their weapons, ready to fire.

<Do not shoot! Hold your fire!> Shouts the intruder <I’m here to help! Do not kill me!>

<Damn idiot!>blurts Rudolf <I was going to fill you with lead. Is this the way to go?> Rudolf observe the newcomer who slips back his hood.

<He is Rob> says Albert turned to Rudolf <he lives here nearby, is a big fan of  the radio…> Albert turns towards the young man in his early twenties, a boyish face on a man’s body <… let me guess: you heard the message and now you want to save the world, boy? We are not playing a game, we’re risking our lives, go home and stay sheltered!>

<Hey! I’m not a boy!> complains Rob <I thought that with my father’s gun…>

<Shut up!> Albert interrupts him <you are planning to go around to get yourself killed!>

<Hey! Do not argue> intrudes Rudolf <We’re not sure  that if he remains locked up at home he will be safer than with us. The guy here has a fine rifle, I think one more weapon makes us much safer…>


The three warily leave the building and begin to move towards the south. Albert leads the way followed by Rudolf and Rob.


<I hear something approaching, it seems…  it sounds like a siren!> exclaims Albert <The police is coming to get us rescued!>

The police car reaches the group, the doors are flung open and two agents exit the vehicle.

<Stop all of you!> Cries the older agent <Drop your weapons! You’re under arrest for launching a false alarm!>

Albert, Rudolf and Rob remain astonished, agents have flocked to arrest them! Is it possible that the police still do not know anything about the Zombie threat?


Firmly holding his rifle, Rob speaks to the policeman in front of him <We aren’t terrorists! How could you think that? We was trying to warn the city!>

<Of course…> responds the policeman <…the Zombie invasion. Don’t you know it’s a serious crime spread panic among people? Even if it was just a joke you could be indicted for terrorism! Now drop your weapons! I won’t ask it gain!> The voice getting colder while he grasps his gun.

<Damn!> blurts Rob <They heard us!>


Attracted by the noise the Zombies leave the armory door and approach the police car.

<There’s someone out there!> Says the younger policeman <a group of people is getting closer>

The zombies move unsteadily to surround the cop, ready to devour him.


<Shoot them down!> cries the policeman <Open fire! Fire!>

The cops shoot to the aggressors, one Zombie falls down killed while others get closer attracted by the noise


The Zombies are on the young policeman, and he is forced to defend himself with his bare hands. He hits hard the undead until they are on the ground, inoffensive.

The two policemen seem upset:


The cops get into the car and drive fast towards the city centre.

<Hurry up!> cries Albert <we have to move quickly, before others of them arrive!>

<Wait> responds Rob <let’s take one of these cars. We will be quicker and even safer!>

<Are you going to steal a car?> Asks Rudolf.

<After this crisis we will return it to it’s owner> proposes Rob.

<Ok, let’s do it> resolves Albert <But do it quickly, one of those monsters is approaching us>


While Rob begins his attempt to start the car, Albert controls the last zombie who is moving to the parking lot with his dragged steps.

<Come on Rob!> Albert  says <we don’t want to fight another of them! Hurry up!>


Will they manage to go away by car before being reached by the Zombie?


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