Day 1.3 – Getting home

Posted: 24 May 2013 in Albert e Rudolf, All Thing Zombie, Batrep, Campagne di gioco, English
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While Rob is attempting to start the car Albert is charged by the Zombie, he manages to kill the aggressor after a short melee, but the car is still switched off.


Rob moves to the other car parked. He begins to work on the wires, but suddenly the car alarm starts to sound loudly!


Rob is still working on the car when a scream exceeds the sound of the alarm. A man cries for help, he is on the run followed by a group of Zombies. He looks tired, his steps are slow and heavy, the Zombies behind him are getting closer.


Rob manages to stop the car alarm, immediately the neighborhood falls into a silence broken only by the screams of the fleeing man


The man is reached by the Zombies. He tries to defend himself, but they are to much for him alone and unarmed. The man falls to the ground and the undead start to devour him. A blood pool expands viscously on the ground.


The Zombies are feasting with the poor man. The scene is horrible. Rob falls to the ground, shocked.  After a while he loses control and run away without looking behind himself.

Rudolf is stunned and confused… <This is a nightmare!> whispers Rudolf unable to doing anything else, his eyes locked on the scene.

Albert is reached by a Zombie, so he has to recover himself quickly from the horrible view. Albert fights the monster with his bare hands and he knock down the aggressor who is still biting and grasping the air.


Albert and Rudolf move avay from the group of Zombies, but Rudolf’s ankle slows him down, so he is dangerously close to the first undead.


<I can’t flee without fighting!> cries Rudolf, his weapon aimed to the first aggressor.

The Zombies charge him with their uncertain steps and their arms stretched forward. The first shot takes down one of them. Rudolf is now in melee, but he manages to keep himself cold and determinated, and he kills the other two hitting them with his weapon.

<Yeah!> exults Albert <you hit them hard!>


While Albert shoots  to one Zombie, Rudolf flees from the group of remaining monsters, and the two men are able to leave the danger area and move towards Albert’s house.


<They were too close for my likings!> says Rudolf.

<We are alive, I think we have been lucky today> responds Albert <I hope luck will not leave us now… let’s go and check if Linda is at home>

<And what about Rob?> Rudolf continues <what we can do for him?>

<I don’t know where he could be> Albert says <He is a smart guy. If he uses his brain he will go to my house. He knows where we are going.>

The two men arrive to Abert’s house, the neighborhood is quiet, almost too much. Albert inserts the key in the door and slowly opens it. Lights are off, rooms are silent, the house is empty.

<She isn’t here…> wishpers Albert turning pale.

Rudolf looks around, a flashing red light attracts his attention. <Hey Albert, you have a message on the answering machine!> says Rudolf.

Albert runs to the phone and press the button next to the light. The recording starts, and Linda’s voice fills the room.

<She is alive! She is alive!> exults Albert.

<Yes she is> responds Rudolf <but now listen to the message, maybe she needs help>


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