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While Rob is attempting to start the car Albert is charged by the Zombie, he manages to kill the aggressor after a short melee, but the car is still switched off.


Rob moves to the other car parked. He begins to work on the wires, but suddenly the car alarm starts to sound loudly!


Rob is still working on the car when a scream exceeds the sound of the alarm. A man cries for help, he is on the run followed by a group of Zombies. He looks tired, his steps are slow and heavy, the Zombies behind him are getting closer.


Rob manages to stop the car alarm, immediately the neighborhood falls into a silence broken only by the screams of the fleeing man


The man is reached by the Zombies. He tries to defend himself, but they are to much for him alone and unarmed. The man falls to the ground and the undead start to devour him. A blood pool expands viscously on the ground.


The Zombies are feasting with the poor man. The scene is horrible. Rob falls to the ground, shocked.  After a while he loses control and run away without looking behind himself.

Rudolf is stunned and confused… <This is a nightmare!> whispers Rudolf unable to doing anything else, his eyes locked on the scene.

Albert is reached by a Zombie, so he has to recover himself quickly from the horrible view. Albert fights the monster with his bare hands and he knock down the aggressor who is still biting and grasping the air.


Albert and Rudolf move avay from the group of Zombies, but Rudolf’s ankle slows him down, so he is dangerously close to the first undead.


<I can’t flee without fighting!> cries Rudolf, his weapon aimed to the first aggressor.

The Zombies charge him with their uncertain steps and their arms stretched forward. The first shot takes down one of them. Rudolf is now in melee, but he manages to keep himself cold and determinated, and he kills the other two hitting them with his weapon.

<Yeah!> exults Albert <you hit them hard!>


While Albert shoots  to one Zombie, Rudolf flees from the group of remaining monsters, and the two men are able to leave the danger area and move towards Albert’s house.


<They were too close for my likings!> says Rudolf.

<We are alive, I think we have been lucky today> responds Albert <I hope luck will not leave us now… let’s go and check if Linda is at home>

<And what about Rob?> Rudolf continues <what we can do for him?>

<I don’t know where he could be> Albert says <He is a smart guy. If he uses his brain he will go to my house. He knows where we are going.>

The two men arrive to Abert’s house, the neighborhood is quiet, almost too much. Albert inserts the key in the door and slowly opens it. Lights are off, rooms are silent, the house is empty.

<She isn’t here…> wishpers Albert turning pale.

Rudolf looks around, a flashing red light attracts his attention. <Hey Albert, you have a message on the answering machine!> says Rudolf.

Albert runs to the phone and press the button next to the light. The recording starts, and Linda’s voice fills the room.

<She is alive! She is alive!> exults Albert.

<Yes she is> responds Rudolf <but now listen to the message, maybe she needs help>


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The door suddenly opens and the hooded figure swoops into the building. Taken by surprise Albert and Rudolf raise their weapons, ready to fire.

<Do not shoot! Hold your fire!> Shouts the intruder <I’m here to help! Do not kill me!>

<Damn idiot!>blurts Rudolf <I was going to fill you with lead. Is this the way to go?> Rudolf observe the newcomer who slips back his hood.

<He is Rob> says Albert turned to Rudolf <he lives here nearby, is a big fan of  the radio…> Albert turns towards the young man in his early twenties, a boyish face on a man’s body <… let me guess: you heard the message and now you want to save the world, boy? We are not playing a game, we’re risking our lives, go home and stay sheltered!>

<Hey! I’m not a boy!> complains Rob <I thought that with my father’s gun…>

<Shut up!> Albert interrupts him <you are planning to go around to get yourself killed!>

<Hey! Do not argue> intrudes Rudolf <We’re not sure  that if he remains locked up at home he will be safer than with us. The guy here has a fine rifle, I think one more weapon makes us much safer…>


The three warily leave the building and begin to move towards the south. Albert leads the way followed by Rudolf and Rob.


<I hear something approaching, it seems…  it sounds like a siren!> exclaims Albert <The police is coming to get us rescued!>

The police car reaches the group, the doors are flung open and two agents exit the vehicle.

<Stop all of you!> Cries the older agent <Drop your weapons! You’re under arrest for launching a false alarm!>

Albert, Rudolf and Rob remain astonished, agents have flocked to arrest them! Is it possible that the police still do not know anything about the Zombie threat?


Firmly holding his rifle, Rob speaks to the policeman in front of him <We aren’t terrorists! How could you think that? We was trying to warn the city!>

<Of course…> responds the policeman <…the Zombie invasion. Don’t you know it’s a serious crime spread panic among people? Even if it was just a joke you could be indicted for terrorism! Now drop your weapons! I won’t ask it gain!> The voice getting colder while he grasps his gun.

<Damn!> blurts Rob <They heard us!>


Attracted by the noise the Zombies leave the armory door and approach the police car.

<There’s someone out there!> Says the younger policeman <a group of people is getting closer>

The zombies move unsteadily to surround the cop, ready to devour him.


<Shoot them down!> cries the policeman <Open fire! Fire!>

The cops shoot to the aggressors, one Zombie falls down killed while others get closer attracted by the noise


The Zombies are on the young policeman, and he is forced to defend himself with his bare hands. He hits hard the undead until they are on the ground, inoffensive.

The two policemen seem upset:


The cops get into the car and drive fast towards the city centre.

<Hurry up!> cries Albert <we have to move quickly, before others of them arrive!>

<Wait> responds Rob <let’s take one of these cars. We will be quicker and even safer!>

<Are you going to steal a car?> Asks Rudolf.

<After this crisis we will return it to it’s owner> proposes Rob.

<Ok, let’s do it> resolves Albert <But do it quickly, one of those monsters is approaching us>


While Rob begins his attempt to start the car, Albert controls the last zombie who is moving to the parking lot with his dragged steps.

<Come on Rob!> Albert  says <we don’t want to fight another of them! Hurry up!>


Will they manage to go away by car before being reached by the Zombie?

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La porta si apre di slancio e la figura incappucciata piomba nell’atrio dell’edificio. Colti di sorpresa Albert e Rudolf alzano le armi, pronti al fuoco.

<Non sparate! Non sparate!> urla l’intruso <sono qui per aiutarvi! Non sparate!>

<Dannazione idiota!> sbotta Rudolf <stavo per riempirti di piombo. Ti sembra il modo di entrare?> Rudolf osserva il nuovo arrivato che si fa scivolare indietro il cappuccio.

<Quello è Rob> dice Albert rivolto a Rudolf <vive nella casa qui di fronte, è un grande fan della radio…> Albert si rivolge verso il giovane poco più che ventenne che gli sta davanti, una faccia da ragazzo piantata su un robusto corpo da uomo <…vediamo se indovino: hai sentito il messaggio e ora vuoi salvare il mondo, ragazzo? Qui non siamo in un gioco, qui ci si gioca la pelle, torna a casa e resta al riparo!>

<Ehi! Non sono più un ragazzo!> si lamenta Rob <Io pensavo che con il fucile di papà…>

<Basta!> lo interrompe Albert <tu vuoi andare in giro a farti ammazzare!>

<Ehi! Non litigate> si intromette Rudolf <Secondo me non è scritto da nessuna parte che se resta chiuso in casa sarà più al sicuro che con noi. Il ragazzo qui ha un bel fucile, in questo momento penso che un’arma in più ci renda tutti e tre molto più sicuri…>


I tre escono cautamente dall’edificio e cominciano a muoversi verso sud. Albert apre la strada seguito a da Rudolf e Rob.


<Sento qualcosa avvicinarsi, sembra… sembra una sirena!> Esclama Albert <La polizia sta arrivando per metterci in salvo!>

L’auto della polizia raggiunge il gruppo, le portiere si spalancano e due agenti escono dal veicolo.

<Fermi tutti!> Urla l’agente più anziano <Gettate le armi! Siete in arresto per procurato allarme!>

Albert, Rudolf e Rob restano come pietrificati, gli agenti sono accorsi per arrestarli! Possibile che la polizia ancora non sappia nulla della minaccia Zombie?


Rob, il fucile ancora in mano, si rivolge all’agente di fronte a lui. <Ehi! Non siamo terroristi! Come vi salta in mente? Abbiamo solo cercato di avvertire la città del pericolo!>

<Certo, certo> risponde il poliziotto <la minaccia dell’invasione degli zombie… Non sapete che è un reato grave procurare il panico? Anche se è solo uno scherzo, potreste essere incriminati per terrorismo. Ora gettate le armi> La voce dell’uomo diventa gelida mentre estrae la sua pistola.

<Dannazione!> sbotta Rob <Ci hanno sentiti!>


Attirati dal rumore il gruppo di Zombie abbandona la porta dell’armeria e si dirige verso l’auto della polizia!

<C’è qualcuno laggiù!> Afferma il poliziotto più giovane <un gruppo di persone si avvicina>

Con improvviso slancio gli Zombie si gettano sull’agente, pronti a divorarlo.


<Abbattiamoli!> Urla il poliziotto <Fuoco, fuoco!>

I due agenti scaricano le armi contro gli aggressori, uno degli Zombie cade a terra ucciso, mentre altri si avvicinano attratti dalle esplosioni.


Assalito dai restanti Zombie, il giovane agente è costretto a difendersi a mani nude. Colpisce più volte con forza, fino a quando tutti i mostri sono a terra, inoffensivi.

I due poliziotti si guardano sconvolti:


Rapidamente risalgono sulla volante, girano l’auto, e accelerano verso il centro della città.

<Veloci!> urla Albert <muoviamoci alla svelta, prima che ne arrivino altri!>

<Aspetta> risponde Rob <prendiamo una di queste auto, così saremo più veloci che a piedi ed anche più al sicuro!>

<Intendi rubare un’auto?!> si intromette Rudolf dubbioso.

<Quando la crisi sarà passata possiamo sempre restituire l’auto al suo proprietario> propone Rob.

<Ok, basta che facciamo in fretta, uno di quei mostri si avvicina!> Risolve Albert.


Mentre Rob comincia il suo tentativo di far partire l’auto, Albert controlla l’ultimo zombie rimasto che con passo trascinato si sta avvicinando al parcheggio.

<Forza Rob> dice Rudolf <non abbiamo voglia di affrontare un’altro di quei mostri!>


Riusciranno i tre ad allontanarsi in auto prima di essere raggiunti?

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After escaping from the Zombies who had gathered around the restaurant outside the city, Albert and Rudolf reach the outskirts, where Albert’s Radio Station is placed.

<Let’s go to my Radio Station… If I get there I can warn the city about the Zombie threat, and tell Linda to rush home> Albert said a couple of hours before <I have to keep her safe>

<Do not worry, you’ll be together soon> Rudolf has reassured him, hoping not to be too optimistic.


The city seems to sleep quietly while the sun is rising over the horizon.

<If you want to protect your girlfriend> whispers Rudolf <we need something better than a jack and a cleaver>

<Follow me, I know where to go> says Albert smiling.


Albert and Rudolf run to the armory decided to increase their firepower, but a few meters from the front door Rudolf slips to the floor with a thud and after having raised reaches Albert limping.

Suddenly the two heard something behind them … turn around, but fortunately there is nothing, except their fear…


On their second attempt Albert and Rudolf are able to force the door and enter the armory. Once inside they see, through the bulletproof windows, a group of Zombies approaching the shop.

<Rudolf, look around for something usefull!> exclaims Albert while starting to barricade the door.

<I have found a submachine gun!> exults Rudolf < find something for yourself while I finish the blocking of the entrance>


<I think we’re ready to go> says Albert, who is loading his brand new shotgun.

<I agree> responds Rudolf <this door won’t give way so easily>


The rear of the building is clear, no Zombies in sight. Albert starts running to the radio station, rudolf follows him limping.

Zombies on the other side start to hit the closed door, unaware of the escape of their prays.


Albert reaches the radio studio, he adjusts switches, controls and connections untile the “on air” light went on.

“Attention please!  Pay Attention! …This is not a joke… Listen to me carefully”


<Uff… We did it!> exults Albert <I just hope Linda is safe at home…> Albert’s eyes become sad for a while.

<So far we have seen  only 3 Zombies here in the city…> responds Rudolf <Maybe they aren’t so much numerous here nearby… Let’s go your Home quickly! Now we are able to manage the situation, but we don’t know what could happen.>

While Albert and Rudolf argue about the best route to follow, from the house in front of the radio station comes out a hooded guy clutching a hunting rifle.

The guy moves forward, loading bullets in his rifle… Which will be his intentions?


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